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To heal,
to purify,
to create
with my music.

Sára Dizna Kovács

Sára Dizna Kovács

"From the moment Sára was born, she was surrounded by music and musicians due to her father, Ferenc „Öcsi” Kovács, who is an excelent trumpet and violin player, composer and singer. Her family is really diverse, when it comes to art. Amongst her ancestors there are musicians, painters, sculptors and metalworking-artists. These schools of art were a great influence on Sára’s life.

In her family it was a requirement to learn on a musical instrument at the begining of school. Sára chose flute. She could learn at one of the most distinguished teacher in Hungary, Mária Herczegh. Her talent and musicality was early revealed, so Sára she won many prizes on local, and country-wide flute competitions. It was no question later to continue her studies in music, hence she applied to the Bartók Béla Conservatory. Here she spent five years at three fantastic teachers, Judit Szimicsevics, Tímea Fábián and Eszter Illés. She continued her studies at the University of Miskolc’s Music Faculty, as the student of such flute artists who worked at Hungary’s best symphonic orchestras as the first flute player. They are Veronika Oross and Irén Móré. At Miskolc she met new people and through them with new skills, musical styles and genres. Her interest in improvisation quickly escalated. That approach towards music completely changed her conception of playing music with others and making music. For her improvisation became a real-time composing, a piece of art that is created in the moment.

At Miskolc she finished her Bachelor’s degree and successfully applied for the Master’s training at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy of Budapest. Her teachers were Veronika Oross and Erika Sebők. During these two years of study she went through a professional crisis due to her experience in Miskolc. She realized that she would like to engage in more diverse musical genres than she was thaught. She attended improvisation classes of the Jazz Faculty, and also to her friends’ influence she participated in shaman drum sessions, spiritual gatherings (steam shacks, women’s workshop, trance dancing, trance breathing, shaman drum making, etc.), where she was touched by new inspirations. In 2015 on her graduation concert beside the classical pieces of music, she also performed one of Ravi Shankar’s raaga.

After having her diploma she was given several opportunities as an assistant musician at different classical orchestras’ tours (e.g. MÁV Symphonic, Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, Miskolc Symphonic), also she is a regular aider of the Budapest Operett Theatre till this day. She was a classical flute teacher in musical primary school until September 2017. She started to invest in more and more musical instruments (didgeridoo, drums, asian flutes, marímbula, melodica), and singing. With her friends she founded the Anahata Soundhealing Project, in which they held seven chakra cleaning meditations for a year, in every month. From the spring of 2016 she is a member of the Napoleon Boulevard as a flute player and vocalist. At the same year, in autumn she became the singer of the Magyar Vista Social Club, where they adopt Hungarian folk music combining with different styles. Sára was interested in folk music adaptation since she was a kid, because of her father’s style and passion for folk music.

Sára is playing in several bands on different posts, for example: Tompox (flute), All out (singing), DaWhy (singing, flute, didgeridoo, melodica), Dóka Attila Accoustic (flute, vocals). With friends they occasionally hold dance meditation, called Tenalach Dancetrip. For more than five years she was a firm musician member of the Willany Leo Improvisational Dancetheatre. She frequently plays on Eszter Földvári’s contact dance improvisations. For four years she participated monthly in Juhász Kata Company, that runs the Felhőcirkusz interactive children’s production. Here she met Gábor Ölvedi, with whom they made friends immediately and could work in such a clear harmony that could be found in their music. Thanks to this Gábor invited her to sing next to him in the DaWhy Band, where a fantastic nine membered team creates epochal adaptations and medlies of absolutely different, known music and also Hungarian, Slavic, Balkan folk songs.

Strengthening the teamwork with her, in August 2017, Gábor invited her to the Samsara Boulevard band as well. So Sára joined the mantra group in September. Their first music session was already a success. She incredibly likes producing, creating, healing and being healed with Judit and Anita. She enriches the band’s music with more than ten wind-instruments besides singing and drums, and her own ideas are adopted too.

It has been always her dream to heal, clean, and create with her music. This intention could finally come true in this magical community, with the uniquely gifted musicians of the Samsara Boulevard band."

"Playing music
in harmony,
in sincerity,
in love."

"To help with SOUND."


"From folk music to pray.
From pray to world music.
From world music to freedom.
From freedom to Blessing."

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