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Playing music
in harmony,
in sincerity,
in love.

Anita Mihók

Anita Mihók

"​Anita Mihók deals with music since her childhood. In elementary school she played the piano for 6 years and at the age of 13 she started to play the guitar. Even in that age she was a regular participant of cultural events, concerts and performances in and also outside school. After high school she took a successful entrance exam to the Ferenc Liszt Music College where she graduated in 1992 as a classical guitarist. Already during the college years she felt that in the bounded classical genre she couldn’t expand the way she felt like. Since she wrote her own songs already as a teenager, she became more and more interested in creation and improvisation. Therefore she learned jazz-guitar and singing for years and started to develop her own style. With one single guitar and her voice first she deepened in the world of bossa novas, then started to write her own compositions in latin style with jazzy elements and with lot of improvisation. With her solo show she entertained the frequenters of the Biarritz restaurant in the heart of downtown for years. Here many artists, businessman, influential people, public figures and many foreigners showed up. She got many invitations for concerts from this place. She was invited to Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Canada, and of course to many places in Hungary. Here she gave concerts organized by several event agencies, featured in various television shows and festivals.

In 2003, she founded her trio called Samba De La Noche. For many years they were very active and successful. In 2009 Duna TV made a 2 hour concert film with the title “La Nita and her friends” which summarized 15 years’ work.
Meanwhile Anita gradually payed more and more attention on her spiritual growth. This interest was alive in her since her childhood but got space in her life really consciously after this. Beside music she starts to discover her own inner spiritual nature, power and potentials and starts to study more and more things in this subject. Energy healing, meditation and the world of mantras was the first step toward self-knowledge.
In 2010 she recorded an album titled LANITA MANTRA. Prayers, mantras, thoughts…  This was the first step when in Anita’s music also appeared this direction.
Meanwhile the trio Samba De La Noche broke up and she felt she wanted to do something new. She was an occasional performer with several bands searching for new ways.
In 2011 Duo DiVino was founded with mandolin artist Péter Forgách, they played classical and jazz covers. Later they became a trio with double-bass player Péter Boldoghy Kummert. They were invited several times to Austria and to Italy.
In the same year she was invited to write and also perform the music for a biographical film. The portrait film of Zsuzsa Szőnyi was directed by György Ordódy.
Meanwhile she’s an active member of the latin group Sol Y Sombra, then created a new formation called MAGMA (Mihály Simkó-Várnagy - electric cello, loop pedal, Mátyás Balázs – flute, Márton Takács – percussion, Anita – guitar and singing).
This group played mostly their own compositions. Because every member was a very occupied musician, this formation couldn’t work for a long time for difficult coordination.
In the meantime, chikung and vibration therapy became part of the spiritual growth. For a taichi master’s order she wrote and recorded music for a series of exercises. For a year with her master she held chikung training with live music.
Anita increasingly felt that she has to lead things to one direction. ONEness had to be created. It was important that these things do not form separate parts of her life but become part of her everyday life, of her work, relations and her music. Therefore, she took a whole new direction.
In 2014 she founded the ATMA SOUND duo with Sándor Szilvágyi, they created their own improvisative, mystical music. The ethernal sounding bells (hangdrum), the guitar with effects and the transcendental voice created a very special, delicate atmosphere. They were together for one very successful year. During this year they gave a lot of home-concerts, club concerts, and they were invited to all Hungarian esoteric festivals. They also recorded a beautiful CD. After that due to personal reasons they parted.
But this gave Anita a new impetus and then she knew exactly what she wanted. The evolution of her life also helped her to meet the right people.
So she founded the so far most successful, most impulsive, most dynamic, most spiritual group with two persons who she can work together with in complete and perfect harmony, sincerity, love, and who she could work together inspiring each other, and whom they can set common goals. This is SAMSARA BOULEVARD.
Anita plays the guitar with effects, sings, and sometimes allows surfacing shamanic sounds that evoke distant past lives, occasionally plays shaman drum and sometimes she adds and adorns improvisative melodies to the clear sounding mantras.

Judit Schrenk is a beautiful voice mantra singer, beside this she enriches the sound with lot of authentic instruments, adds special effects to the music. She gives sounds with gong, shaman drum, other different drums, sound bowls, rain stick, chimes and many small instruments.
Gábor Ölvedi is a professional and versatile percussionist who enriches the sound with lots of kinds of drums and wind instruments, applies different techniques of singing (eg. throat singing), what he turns music even more varied and colorful with.
The songs are based on the mantras brought from many parts of the world, they sound in a very unique form. Beside the special instruments, polyphonic singing gets a big role. From the meditative to the vivid, trance mantras many different sounds and diverse ideas make music very interesting.

"To help with SOUND."


"From folk music to pray.
From pray to world music.
From world music to freedom.
From freedom to Blessing."

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