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To help with SOUND.

Judit Sattwa Schrenk

Judit Sattwa Schrenk

"​Judit was singing constantly from a really early age (2), so her mother put her to a Music elementary school. Since then her life was all about music, she was singing in choirs, and attended many concerts besides of her studies. She sung in opera for children in the famous Liszt Academygregorian in churches, and many other classical pieces in many performances on stage. She could even try herself as the evil witch in the „Mother Holle”.
She really enjoyed every performance in Hungary and abroad as well, and she got used to them during her elementary school years. At 6 years old she already sung in Notre Dame in Paris, and she traveled to Ireland, Dublin to a choir contest. This exciting musical life permeated her whole childhood, and the love of music appeared really early in her life.
At the beginning of her high-school years, when she was dropped out of this musical womb, she really started to miss singing, so at the age of 14 she enrolled to a private teacher Irma Holczer, who helped a lot to open Judit’s personality, and voice as well.
At around 20, a photographer friend made a portfolio of Judit and soon after she started modeling.  She was chosen into many commercial films as an actress, and from then she begun her carrier as a model/actress. She likes to call herself as a hobby actress as she never studied acting, still she got the roles often as leading actress in commercials, and she got small roles in famous hungarian moviesas well, such as “Kind of America”, “Stop Mother Theresa”, and “Whatever happened to Timi”.
Since she was very busy with her modeling carrier, castings, shootings, she rarely got into the singing classes, and she just realized, she was missing singing so badly. She was constantly thinking, what would be her style of singing? Opera? Jazz? Which way to go? She didn’t really feel truly any of them, as hers.
One of her agencies sent her to Athens to work, and it led her to go to Thailand (for 6 months), than to South Korea, where she lived for a year. She worked also for Japan, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and for most of the European countries. She participated in almost 80 commercials as an actress, and apart of that she had many photo shooting for billboards etc.

Than she decided to get a “normal” job at a company and start working as a PR expert due to her College degree. She has worked at several big companies, such as Multireklám Ltd., Logitech Hungary, Erste Bank etc., where she earned loads of useful experiences, but still she soon realized that very often she was staring out of the window during work time, thinking about it’s not the way she wants to live life and she definitely wants to do something on her own.
Since Judit was doing yoga from early childhood (11), she soon met spirituality. Even in Korea she had a yoga teacher from Holland, and when she moved back to Hungary, she found a nice teacher and she visited her classes 3 times a week. This teacher has foreseen the future yoga teacher in Judit, so she persuaded her to go to a yoga teacher training course. When she finished her studies at Sivananda yoga center, at first she was standing timidly in front of her students, but soon she’s got the taste of teaching, and she held classes beside of her office job in the evenings for groups of 20.


Soon she completed other yoga teacher training courses, such as yoga for pregnancy, children and baby-mother, and she went to the USA to study at the Satyananda yoga center. So far she visited India 3 times, trying out ashram life and it made a deep impact on her. She met her guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in India, Bihar, from whom she got her spiritual name: Sattwa. In 2010 she quit her job and opened her first own yoga center, where she was teaching hundreds of children and adults for more than 5 years. She is still continuously doing it, but now in another city, Budakeszi, where she currently lives, very close to Budapest.
At the end music also came back to her life through yoga. At around 2006 she was studying at a yoga academy and she met classical kirtan there, as they were playing music there every night with the harmonium and drums, singing traditional mantras. She totally fell in love with this style of music and the form of bhakti yoga, and very soon she realized: yes! This is my style! That’s what I have to sing! That’s my way!
Judit has a firm belief that in one (or more) of her past lives she was living in India, because mantras are “sticking” to her, she rapidly learns long Sanskrit mantras, and she deeply feels, how helpful are these saint, sacred ancient texts with their healing vibrations in her life.
After that realization, she collaborated with some like-minded yoga musician friends, and they founded her first mantra band with 6 members, it was called Sattwa Sound Band. They have written many of their songs and apart of that they played classical kirtans as well. They’ve participated on many yogic and spiritual festivals, programs. They released a CD in 2012. They were playing music for 6 years together, than Judit gave birth to her little daughter, and since than they are no longer playing music actively together, they accepted that they follow different paths now. Sometimes they still play music in a trio formation, called Sattwa Mini.


At around 2012 she met Andrea Török- Virág, who is a sound therapist, and they had an intuitive idea together, by holding special “Sound journeys”, where they not only use the gong, singing bowls and other authentic instruments but also Judit is singing several different mantras randomly during each session. This became a big success among their audience, so they are continuously doing it with great pleasure, and also they made a “SoundBathing with Mantras” CD in 2014. They even invented their own playful “SoundBath with mantras for Children” program, that they do every month in a private kindergarten. Judit also invented a so-called “MANTRABABYprogram that she holds every week for babies and for their mothers.
At this point we have arrived to Samsara Boulevard. At 2015 fall, Judit met Anita Mihók in Budakeszi in a LEMangURIA dance class, who just moved there. The very next day they’ve bumped into each other in Budapest at a private singing bowls show room. The chances to meet there was about zero, so they were totally surprised and Judit was already “joking”, that it must be a sign that “we sure have to do some task together”. After a few conversations it turned out that the two of them are both missing something, and they both want to do mantra-based spiritual music but mixing it with the colors of their souls, using all musical experiences they had. They wanted to do a kind of music that was born from their souls. By then Judit was already full with song ideas, that she didn’t write at the table, but she “heard” them and sung them on her phone during walking, during taking bath etc. They’ve tried with Anita how can they play music together and even the first time was very promising. Than Anita made contact with Gábor Ölvedi, who luckily was also on a phase of his life where he was open to connect with this kind of spiritual soul music. After the first rehearsal they’ve already felt that they can really tune to each other, and all of them have the necessary enthusiasm, humble manner and professionalism. They believe in the helping and healing power of mantras as one, because they’ve already experienced it in many fields of their own lives.

They’re playing music together from 2015, and since than they’ve opened a lot on each other and on themselves as well. From the very beginning they feel that this band was born under a lucky star and they are flying high with the definite help of the Universe. As Judit held “Soundbaths” already for years it was obvious to use her authentic instruments such as gong, Tibetan bowls, African tongue drum, koshis, and frame drum, while playing music together.
Judit is very happy about using many of her songs in their repertoire. She feels honored by being able to play music with these 2 wonderful and extremely talented musicians, with whom by today are not only good friends but feeling as soul mates as well.
Only the sky is the limit!
Judit thinks that her purpose of life is “to help with SOUND”, and the 3 of them strongly feel likewise. Perhaps that’s the secret of their success."

"Playing music
in harmony,
in sincerity,
in love."


"From folk music to pray.
From pray to world music.
From world music to freedom.
From freedom to Blessing."

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